AtoZChallenge Apr15 Reflection

My AtoZChallenge April 2015 Reflection: Considering Teaching from A to Z in April 2015

The A to Z Challenge has been the catalyst behind the starting of this blog, my second blog. I decided to start this blog with the challenge because I thought it would help me to get it off the ground.

Indeed, it has helped me though I haven’t quite managed to finish the challenge yet. I am very behind but I plan to finish my posts over the next few weeks. Continue reading

Questions’ Musings

Q is for Questions’ Musings

In Life

Questions are very important in life. They help us to pause, reflect, and identify what we don’t know that we’d like to know; whether out of interest or necessity. They come in a variety of ways and words; and you can ask them in different tones depending on your aim. The older we get, the more our learning depends on them; may it be in relation to general day-to-day life, or specific situations like job interviews.

This is because questions breed understanding and the desire to understand breeds more questions. There is so much that can be deduced about a person, a thing, or a situation via questions; most jobs are for example allocated to individuals based on their responses to questions.  Continue reading

My Marking Rant

My is for My Marking Rant: the futility of marking classwork

I accept that marking comes with the teaching territory but I really struggle with the rationale of marking classwork.

I can’t remember my classwork being marked when I was in secondary school in two different countries. Students were responsible for the documentation of their classwork in a way that worked for them. You knew that you would be assessed and as such you understood that it was important to accurately record and fully complete set tasks to the best of your ability. Continue reading

Grades: important but …

G is for Grades

Grades are a massive teaching G for me. In some way, they sum up a significant expectation in my teaching role.

A lot of time is spent on reviewing external exam grades during the first staff meeting of the year in September and this continues through the academic year. Internal exam grades are largely considered in relation to how on course students are towards achieving or exceeding their predetermined target grade for their GCSE or A levels exam.

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Friendships at School

F is for Friendships at School

There are a few teacher Fs I’d like to write about, but I’ve got to choose one: Friendships at School. This is one of the things I find very interesting amongst my students.

I have watched so many friendships evolve in my almost 10 years of teaching; both amongst staff and students. Student friendships are beautiful to observe when they work, and really sad when they don’t. Continue reading

Exam Musings

E is for Exam Musings

There are quite a number of teaching related ‘E-s’ I could write about, and quite a bit that I can discuss about Exams. In fact, I’m struggling to focus on an aspect to explore in this post; so I’m just going to share some of my immediate thoughts about it. 🙂

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