I’m a secondary school teaching in England. I teach Religious Studies to students in years 7 to 11, and Philosophy of Religion to those in years 12 and 13. These involves preparing students for two external exams in year 11, one in year 12, and another in year 13.

I really enjoy teaching a subject that involves so much discussion about most aspects of human life. I however don’t enjoy aspects of teaching that wasn’t included in my teacher training 10 years ago, which are also not in my job description: nanny, crowd controller, data magician etc.

I think teaching is a noble profession but I’m quite disillusioned with its unrealistic expectations, lack of real care for teacher’s wellbeing, constant government meddling, and inside politics.

I came into teaching with so much excitement to change the world, so much drive to inspire young lives, and so much energy to give to the system. I however now feel impatient with the way many things are done, I’m fed up with the little onus put on students, and I feel like I’ve had enough of so much of it.

Nonetheless, I’m not ready to quit yet. Instead, I’m exploring education beyond my classroom and school gates. This is because I think that education is more important than the system that undergirds it, and I’m convinced it has more to offer than I’ve experienced. It is for this reason that I have overall started this blog. I will be writing about my purpose for this blog later.  Sorry if what I’ve written is to ‘ranty’, I’ll probably rewrite it later.

9 thoughts on “Me

  1. Thanks for your post on friendships. I am going to share it with my daughter. Helping her deal with peer pressure and friendship issues is how and why I started my blog, Thanks for your teacher’ insight. I will be back.


    • Thanks so much for your really lovely comment; so helpful. She will make it through the school friendship maze, we all do; we just have to take care to make through well. I look forward to having your back. Perhaps, my ‘P’ will peer pressure.


  2. never too ranty!! I enjoyed it. As a newbie to learning religion, lucky there is no time limits! I wish I had you as my teacher.
    Fellow A-Z blogger
    Kim in Australia


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