AtoZChallenge Apr15 Reflection

My AtoZChallenge April 2015 Reflection: Considering Teaching from A to Z in April 2015

The A to Z Challenge has been the catalyst behind the starting of this blog, my second blog. I decided to start this blog with the challenge because I thought it would help me to get it off the ground.

Indeed, it has helped me though I haven’t quite managed to finish the challenge yet. I am very behind but I plan to finish my posts over the next few weeks.


I have really enjoyed the process of coming up a title starting with particular letters and trying to work to a writing schedule. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the interaction with other bloggers on the Challenge and the potential for so much more networking. I must state that it’s been really exciting thinking and putting my ‘teacher thoughts’ to screen for the first time.

I also really appreciate every comment from the AtoZChallenge team; I found them encouraging and motivating, and indeed understanding.


I really struggled with blogging everyday. I suppose I put more effort into my main blog, but I didn’t quite finish the challenge there either. I am however, planning to finish it on both blogs over the next few weeks.

Ultimately, I have to admit that I spread myself too thinly. I found it very hard juggling all my existing commitments with the challenge. I really didn’t have a clue about how tough it will be when I signed up.


I am really glad I took part in the challenge. This blog might still be an idea in my head if not for the challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed it though I couldn’t keep up with it. It helped me to think in directions I probably wouldn’t have thought If I hadn’t participated in it. The process has also helped in shaping part of the direction I want to take this blog.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog during this challenge. Thanks for all the follows and comments; I appreciate your kindness and patience.

I can’t wait to have all my posts completed and I look forward to participating in the post challenge events.

4 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Apr15 Reflection

  1. Stopping by for the A-Z Challenge Road Trip. I love the background for the blog. I understand that it was difficult to keep up as I struggled with that too this year. I will definitely pre write all of the posts before the challenge starts next year. I admire your determination to complete the challenge, better late than never right?

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies


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